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Remote Tachograph Downloads

How does it work

A small device is installed into the vehicle which communicates directly with your tachograph.  Completely automatically, drivers cards and the vehicle units are downloaded to our secure server where the files are stored and available incase of an RSA driver hours inspection. The files are automatically sent to our infringement notice and driver hour monitoring system to keep fully compliant with RSA and European driver hours regulations.


Live Data On Screen Or Mobile Device

View live tachograph data from your trucks right in your desktop or on your mobile. 

This aids with making day to day planning decisions and reduces the need to contact a driver to find his exact start time and break needs. This information is taken directly from the tachograph in the truck and updated every 30 seconds.

Benefits of remote tachograph downloads

Keep track of Driver hours and make sure your fleet is compliant.

Store and analyse .ddd files to be available for any RSA inspections on driver hours.

Huge time saving with no vehicles having to come back to base to be downloaded.

All your data is in one location and accessible from anywhere.

What is a digital Tachograph

A digital tachograph is a device fitted to every lorry over 7.5 tonnes to record drivers activities and ensure they meet the required European standard of break and rest periods.o

Drivers of goods vehicles under tachograph regulations must not exceed nine hours – except for twice a week when 10 hours is permitted.

Drivers must take a rest break of at least 45 minutes after every four and a half  hours of driving.

Weekly driving time must not exceed 56 hours, and across two weeks driving time must not exceed 90 hours.

Drivers must take a daily rest period of 11 hours. A reduced daily rest period of nine hours is allowable up to a maximum of three times a week.

Verizon Connect tachograph software can help both drivers and fleet managers with driving restrictions and limitations, and easily view available time remaining as well as rests or breaks that need to be taken.

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