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More than GPS tracking

GPS tracking lets you see the live location of your asset and recording it constantly on a secure server. This allows you to go back in time and view the location of the asset ever since the tracker was installed.

Tracking works for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Tractors and diggers and can help prevent theft by keeping an eye on your assets location 24/7 and alerting you if it goes somewhere it shouldn’t.

Our advanced platform combines Tachograph downloads, Fuel monitoring and GPS tracking together to form an extremely easy to use tool to create visability across your fleet.

Based in Donegal we offer a full installation service nationwide.

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Tachograph integration


Automatically download and maintain records of tachograph files all on our easy to use platform. Files can be sent to our own analysis system or integrated to your existing provider.

Fuel Management

Fuel Pumps

Combining location information with fuel usage and fuel tank level gives a clear indication of where your fuel is being used within your fleet. 10% savings can be made on your fuel bills when drivers are encouraged to use less.

Asset Location

GPS tracking on a laptop

Using advanced GPS technology your asset can be located 24/7 with information updated several times per minute never miss a moment. Using our online based system, data can be seen on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Temperature Tracking

Refrigerated trailers

Protect temperature controlled cargo with a GPS tracked trailer or truck. Not only will the location information provide security benefits but full traceability of the cargo temperature can be provided.